A secure and interconnected network.

In a complex, globally dispersed digital economy, enterprises are finding it difficult to effectively utilise all available technologies, infrastructures, and partners in a cohesive way that suits each enterprise’s unique needs and situation.
Which is where inq. Fabric comes in: stitching everything together into a single software-defined data centre and connectivity solution where enterprises can access the on-demand self-service platform to build their own perfect network.

Fabric is a software-defined cloud connectivity solution that accelerates your business reach with automated provisioning and routing.

We have an interconnected network that’s able to take your data between different countries or directly to the cloud with minimum latency, superior quality and fully on-demand. We isolate traffic from the public internet and deliver stringent privacy and security policies required by today’s businesses. As the leading organisation introducing technology solutions globally, inq. Fabric is tailored to all markets, and provides personalised solutions for each enterprise.

Deploy a highly customised, secure, global network in minutes with inq. Fabric’s on-demand self-service platform.

Our Benefits:

Leverage inq. Fabric on one easy-to-use platform

Tailor-make your solution based on your immediate needs and requirements using our on-demand, self-service platform.

Accelerate your global business reach

Immediately access technology, partners and networks to accelerate your global reach.

A comprehensive solution – with only one contact point

inq. Fabric leverages and integrates with multiple partners to provide a comprehensive service offering, with one single touch-point.

Agility to adjust to changing business needs

Build your own network – and change it as your business evolves, adding new branches quickly and easily.

Secure, fast, private network

A secure, private network that is optimised to deliver superior speed and data transfer.

Complete control and visibility

Scale your network with flexible pay-as-you-go options from a central dashboard.

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Catch Dr. Andile Ngcaba and @Naresh Thukkani on our Conversations on the Edge podcast as they discuss everything there is to know about inq. Fabric and how it can benefit businesses in Africa.

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